We provide for the production and processing of all kinds of fish and fish related products.

We provide services for the production and processing of all kinds of fish and fish related products. We have a clear expertise on logistics, storage, processes, and more.



Every process we perform in our activity is performed according to our customer's request and in line with our agreement; from gourmet, through filletting, to refresh, to repackaging, MAP ...

Business consulting
Business consulting


Fjord Bohemia has many years of experience related to sourcing, net-working and demands from different markets.

The contact lists of suppliers, farmers, exporters is impressive and selected.

Net-work experience and logistics are settled and working. New logistic inbound and outbound are a common task and always a non-stop development.

We can work on a complete business solution:

  • Sourcing
  • Inbound
  • Servicing the goods, VAP
  • Outbound
  • Introduction to actual net-work

We actually sourcing from 14 countries and reaching  8 countries with our logistic net-work.



Within our framework of logistics, we ensure the transportation and the storage of the merchandise.
We only work with the most reliable carriers to deliver the goods as quickly as possible from the supplier to the customer according to the temperature chain requirements.

Storage and handling
Storage and handling

Storage and maintenance

Special teams quickly pick up your orders in the shortest possible time and at controlled temperature.
We have the possibility to pursue long-term storage with different temperature modes thus ensuring the freshness of our products.