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Report 2

Teambuilding 2016

 Last year, the Fjord Bohemia teambuilding took place in October. The event was a pleasant change from the routine working life of our FB team; we went to visit the beautiful exteriors of the Czech Switzerland National Park. We took advantage of our teambuilding event to pursue our Salmon Return project (proud partner of Fjord Bohemia) by releasing small salmon in the Kamenice River. 

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Report 1

Fjord Bohemia, partner of Salmon Return 

Fjord Bohemia has become a proud partner and supporter of Salmon Return. The Salmon Return project aims to restore the salmon population of Czech rivers. The 20th century construction of water systems made it difficult for the salmon population to prosper. They used to wander from their birthplace in the Czech rivers to the seas to bring out new generation. The solution for returning salmon to prosper again is to plant small fish eggs in places where the population’s ancestors have traditionally fed. From the thousands salmon discharged every year in the Kamenice River, only a small percentage live through adulthood and survive a challenging journey to the sea and back. It will take several years, and the helping hand of Fjord Bohemia, as a recognition of their social responsibility towards nature and natural resources, and in cooperation with the Czech Switzerland National Park Administration, as a guarantor of this project, to contribute to the return of this fish population to the Czech rivers. This is achieved not only through financial support but also through personal participation in the discharge of Salmon eggs in the Kamenice river.